Ways To Acquire A Bonsai

Acquiring bonsai may be done in two ways. You can either buy yourself one, or you can grow it on your own. Growing a bonsai tree is not as hard as some people think. If it is your first time to own a bonsai tree, you will appreciate it more and you will gain a growing interest in the hobby if you experiment and become hands on. Buying a matured bonsai from a garden shop has its perks but the fun in owning a bonsai mostly comes from the part where you take care of it on your own as you see it grow.

Growing Your Own Bonsai

First thing that you have to do is decide which kind of bonsai tree you would like to grow.

You may want to consider hawthorns, fruit trees, maples or pines. These are amazing trees that can develop into a good bonsai. Once you have chosen the right tree for you, you may start planting its seed. For best planting condition, consider placing the bonsai close to its natural habitat. If you have a garden, it would be the best place for your plant. However, if you don?t have a garden, place the plant where its basic needs will be met such as sunlight and water.

Bonsai, just like any other plant, needs proper watering. You must make sure that it gets the right amount of water so as not to get it either dehydrated or over-watered. Aside from this, you must also choose the appropriate fertilizer and the right type of soil for the plant.

Another thing that you must take note of is the use of proper pruning technique. With bonsai trees, there are two techniques that you may choose from. You may either prune the bonsai by its branch or by its root.

Buying Bonsai

If you opt to buy bonsai trees instead of growing them, the options may be overwhelming.

One of the best ways to acquire bonsai is through specialist nurseries. These shops can help you choose the right fully developed bonsai tree for your home. The price range depends on the kind of tree and don?t be surprised if you?ll find them a bit costly. Most grown bonsai trees are expensive and the price can get higher especially if it came from another country.

Before heading to the nearest bonsai shop in your vicinity, make sure that you have done your research. Know the qualities of a well-grown bonsai tree to guarantee that you?ll get the one your money deserves. You must also read a lot of materials about proper bonsai care because buying one is just the first step. You will need to take care of it and nurture it for the plant to live long. The most common bonsai trees in the market that may be bought in reasonable prices include Japanese White Pine, Gingko, Juniper and White Cedar.